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A Peek Inside My Artistic World

all in shades of indigo

Digital Graphics Creations By Indigo Child
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Welcome to indigo_graphics, a digital graphics community where I, indigochild76, can share all of my digital creations with you.

I currently have graphics up over at my old LJ community, indigoicons, but I've decided to no longer add to it as I plan on being quite a bit more selective with what I post/share in the future. I also feel the need to friends-lock anything I create that falls under the category of request and/or gift from here on in. Why? To help promote myself for one and because some of these particular graphics may not be shareable. However I will ALWAYS indicate whether they are or not and I ask you to please comply with my request 'not to snag' when I post as such. You are on your honor here, so I'm counting on all of you. :-)

That said, nearly everything in this community will be public and shareable (unless indicated otherwise) and I hope that you have fun browsing through my creations.

Currently, I am seeking out affiliates. I'd love to re-affiliate with those of you who are affiliated with my old community, indigoicons and of course, I'd love to get new affiliates as well.

Rules/FAQs/Resources can be found by clicking the following link -- Link To Rules/FAQs/Resources. Please read through this page before taking anything and/or commenting.